uKeg Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer

This is not a Yet Knockoff per se, but one of the site proprietors ran across one of these recently and was intrigued. It is a pressurized growler that is sold by a company called GrowlerWerks. You put in a CO2 canister and this thing turns your growler into a mini-keg by keeping it pressurized. That is one of my main problems with buying growlers of beer. It makes economic sense but unless you plan on drinking it soon, they never keep that well from original pour. Then, once you start drinking it you need to consume it all quickly or the whole thing goes flat. Having one can or bottle of beer lost to flatness is a bummer; losing 50 ounces is a tragedy.

With any luck, the uKeg will fix that. Keep it nice and fizzy for a long time. They have the 64 oz version or even a full gallon. That’s a lot of craft beer! This is the best invention since cars started adding electric seat warmers!